FESTIVALS The Festivals

The festival of Loard Mahadeva begins on Thiruvathira day of the month of Kumbham with a ritual bathing of the idol and is celebrated for eight days. This is a grand festivity when all the temple rituals are followed to the little detail. According to the astrological calculations of the temple Annadana(Kanjiveezhthu) is provided to the devotees on the Aarattu(Bathing of the idol)day. It is said that those who take this food will be cured of stomach diseases.

In the month of Mithunam, Punartham is celebrated as the day when the idol of the Lord was consecrated. On Vinayaka Chathurthi Loard Ganesha is covered with Appam(A sweet made of rice flour and jaggary). On Sreekrishna jayanthi Lord Vishnu is worshipped with Niramala and Chuttuvilakku when lamps are lit all around the temple. From the first of Vrischikam to 12th Dhanu is the Mandalotsavam. On the first day of Medam, Vishukkani(an auspicious display of agricultural produce, money and gold) auger in a good month of prosperity of cheer. In the month of Kanni on Aayilliam day, special worhip are offered to Naga Deivam, or the God of the serpents. During Navarathri all instruments that are used for work and study are kept in the temple and special prayers are offered to them.