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Mangalya Nighi Samarpanam

The unusable temple pond was modernized and made useful. Various constructions such as a three storied decorative tower, a nadappandal facing the Goddess Sriparvathy's shrine, quarters for the thanthri and the priest, the Thiruvathira wedding hall, the covering of the shrine with copper sheet, paving granite stones along the temple walkway, a roof for Nalambalam, and a rainwater storage were accomplished. Eight acres of land was purchased for the construction of a building and parking station. There are other ongoing constructions too.

Annadanam (Food Distribution)

Alms in the form of food are the most valuable help. Providing food is essential for curing diseases and erasing poverty. Every month on "Thiruvathira" day and "Natathurapputsavam" food is provided in the annadana mandapam of the temple. Online contributions for this will be accepted.

Medical Service

The temple is involved in a variety of relief works in the medical service sector. Aids for the patients and distribution of free food packets to government hospitals are a few of them.Gouri-Lakshmi Medical Centre has been running in cooperation with the Lakshmi hospital in Ernakulam.The construction cost of this unit amounts to 60 lakhs.Only a nominal amount is accepted as consulting fee from the patients. Medicines are also distributed on concessional rates. Extending help and support to the deprived is sacred indeed. Any contribution towards this from the part of devotees is welcome.