DARSHAN Worship Time

On regular days the shrine opens at 4:30 am for Ushapooja. After the noon worship is performed at 5' clock and the shrine is closed at 7:30pm after Athazhapooja. During the Natathurappu Festival (Festival with Shrine open), the timings of worship will change. Special days of worship to Lord Mahadeva include the PradoshaandShivarathriwhen the God is worshipped five times.

Naivedyam or Divine food, is offered to the Lord four times a day. Goddess Parvathy has a single offering of Naivedyam per day along with special offerings. Since the Idol of the Goddess is made of wood she is not bathed with water but turmeric powder is applied on her. Although the shrine of Goddess Parvathy remains open just for twelve days a year for Devotees, daily worship and offering of Naivedyam is offered. The sanctum of the Goddess Parvathy opens on the first day of Thiruvathiraon the Month of Dhanu(Malayalam month). In the morning all the other deities including Lord Nandikeshwara are worshipped and offered Naivedyam. Nandikeshwara who is the divine vechile of Lord Mahadeva is an important deity in the temple.

Opening Time (Morning) : 04:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Opening Time (Evening) : 05:00 PM - 07:30 PM